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E. Roni Beraha
On 5/13/19, 1:05 PM

Well, I wear Nike Vomero. 

I strongly suggest you to have your feet examined. I mean when I went to the store, They made me stand on the paper that showed the pressure points of my feet touching the ground more that the other parts. 

When I tried Vomero, I felt I was walking on the clouds. I even wear them in my daily life.

Roni Beraha

Branislav Ciric
On 5/13/19, 5:01 AM

I use mostly  The north face for heavy conditions, and Nike air max when day is common. Salomon does not fit to me at all.

Argel Garcia Aldana
On 5/13/19, 11:24 AM

Generalmente prefiero Salomón, para días lluviosos y aún cálidos. 

On 5/12/19, 3:52 PM

Since a few years, 30+, Salomon walking shoes! All types, from heavy winter to breezy summer, they have it all!! 


Carlos Cañal

--Carlos Cañal--
--Carlos Cañal--

My name is Carlos Cañal and I am a Spanish focus puller working in the camera department since I am 19 years old.  I do mainly national and international features films and commercials.  I love to travel, get to know other people, cultures and of course colleagues from around the world.

I am a very happy owner of a cPRO LCS too !!


Carlos Cañal
On 5/12/19, 3:40 PM

I have knee problems and always try to get the best soles and very confortable shoes for the long hours on set.  To me it works to use different brands during the week.  I personally like right now Asics Gel Lyte V and New Balance 547 Sport.  When Gore Tex is needed I always go for Salomon shoes.

These are the options that work better for me.  What about you, any recommendations?


Angelo Sartore
On 7/13/19, 6:01 AM

I have a pair of Keen hiking boots for location work & if in the studio & there is no water or soil, I wear a pair of running shoes. I ALWAYS try to stay warm & comfortable. There is nothing worse that being cold & wet when you are working. The job can be difficult enough, who needs more challenges? 

.Angelo Sartore

.1st. AC



cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food!




A focus-puller is the eyes of the audience. It's like telling a story without any words.

On 5/15/19, 8:52 AM

I really love my Nike SB's Janoski with Solarsoft sole inlay, light but good for my feet and back when standing a long time.

For wet and muddy shoots I have my Northface walking shoes with Goretex membrane.

David Valadao
On 5/14/19, 1:21 PM

Hi there

On set i normally use running shoes (Nike or whatever) light weight and with a good impact absorption. On raining days my Tecnica boots  (with gore tex) make me comfortable and dry. I can really recommend this brand. This old boots really last, even got a bye bye post on instagram. This day i got on new pair, different model, same brand.

About foot/shoes situation. For me works. On lunch break (if i got one hour) i lunch in 15m, and go to the camera van, take my shoes off, lay on the hammocks for 30m. And if put on different pair of shoes... is almost like the days is starting again. Power napping works for me.

my boot 


Aidan Gray

--Aidan Gray--
| 5 3 6
Washington, DC, United States
--Aidan Gray--

IATSE Local 600 Camera Assistant | Washington, DC - Baltimore, MD - New York, NY

Cmotion cPro System Owner 1x cPro Motor, 2x cForce Mini Motors, Teradek Bolt 1000XT 1:1, Teradek SidekickLT, SmallHD 703Bolt, SmallHD 703U, SmallHD 1703-P3X, Bright Tangerine 19mm Bridgeplate, BT Revolvr 19/15mm Studio FF, SolidCamera Scatterbox2 Goldmount/VMount Power Distro, IgniteDigi MoVi Pro System


Aidan Gray
On 5/13/19, 2:39 PM

I think most of the good shoes have already been posted  - I personally wear Keen hiking shoes with padded inserts (like Carlos) and I also have two pairs of larger Merrell hiking boots for rain or rough conditions. The real thing that makes me feel better on long days however is compressions socks, or just keeping a change of socks and swapping them out at lunch. I can't tell you the science behind it if there is any, but if I've had a particularly rough morning, swapping socks usually helps... Compression socks are great for longer studio days when you're running around a fair amount, but have time to relax. Theres a camera assistant over here who turned me onto them and I really enjoy them... 

Martin Larsen
On 5/13/19, 8:36 PM

personally I use ultraboost, they are extremely comfy. No problem pulling a 18 hour day in those. I live in Norway where it can get cold, VERY cold so during winter I use Neos Navigator 5 outside the ultraboost. The can stand temperatures down to -45 Celsius and still keep you warm and comfy. They are not very fashionable but they have saved me time after time during the coldest days shooting!

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Philipp Uhl
On 5/15/19, 2:53 PM

I always wear shoes of the german work-wear brand Engelbert Strauss:

The "Minkar Leather" ones for winter and outdoor shoots, and the "Asterope" for Summer, Indoor or Studio work. I just ordered the "Setebos" ones as well as an addition for outdoor work.

They all are really well made, comfortable, breathable and yet waterproof (except for the Asterope), and they don't wear out easily because they are made to be used as work shoes. I also like that they are manufactured in Europe so I don't have to feel guilty when buying them... ;)

I don't know if they are available anywhere outside of Europe though.

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