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John Waterman
On 4/18/19, 9:27 PM

USA is heavy with the Yeager SR and the Backstage TR04 camera carts. I have both and they each have their uses.


Aidan Gray

--Aidan Gray--
| 5 3 6
Washington, DC, United States
--Aidan Gray--

IATSE Local 600 Camera Assistant | Washington, DC - Baltimore, MD - New York, NY

Cmotion cPro System Owner 1x cPro Motor, 2x cForce Mini Motors, Teradek Bolt 1000XT 1:1, Teradek SidekickLT, SmallHD 703Bolt, SmallHD 703U, SmallHD 1703-P3X, Bright Tangerine 19mm Bridgeplate, BT Revolvr 19/15mm Studio FF, SolidCamera Scatterbox2 Goldmount/VMount Power Distro, IgniteDigi MoVi Pro System


Aidan Gray
On 4/6/19, 1:51 PM

Personally, I own a Magliner Junior and an Innovativ Scout 37 NXT - the Magliner was my first cart and I would say its my "daily driver" - I bring it with me if I'm 2nding or 1sting and I prefer it over my Innovativ... I bought the Innovativ specifically for a month-long travel job where we were heading between multiple countries and had to fly with it - I performed relatively well for that gig, but it got super beat up and is a little too flimsy for my tastes, which is unfortunate considering the price tag... A couple weeks ago I put in a pre-order for the new Yaeger which is going to ship to me in mid-May. Its supposed to fold up like my Innovativ, but its very rigid and 52" long (a "Senior" size). 

Timothy Tan
On 4/17/19, 12:08 AM

if anyone is after a new cart, there is a new innovativ group buy on the recently announced voyager evo/nxt which is replacing the scout.


Glenn van Eerden
On 4/24/19, 10:08 PM

i have worked with a Yaeger and Magliner. but i don't own one. i bought the Rubbermaid one with the idea to build it out and have at least some sort of cart to use. I never got to it, but now building my own cart ( designed like the Adicam/Inovative carts) with the flight case locks. i don't need much and as a first cart i think this will fit well in my line of work, i don't really see any reason to buy a 2000/3500 $ cart right now. but if i would need to upgrade i would go with an Inovative. the easy to collapse feature is a big deal for me as i drive a small car :D

Brian Aichlmayr
On 4/14/19, 1:24 PM

I own a Yaeger Sr with a dovetail Mount and tripod/ Mitchell Mount Combo. I also utilize a few cart accessories like a Block Battery holder, corner baby pins, Quick Release Plate and a tri cup holder! For days the yaeger is overkill, I keep a rocknroller R12 on standby for case moving.

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