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On 3/3/19, 11:54 AM

how about this guy!


Timothy Tan
On 4/17/19, 12:02 AM

Hi Vince,

take a look at our Misfit Atom & Clash 138 ultra lightweight matte boxes. Both can accomodate two 4x5.65" filter trays and can be used with 15mm/19mm rod mounts.



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Thanks Timothy!

on 4/17/19, 8:01 PM

Rafael del Campo
On 4/19/19, 5:41 AM

Is not a really filter tray, but is a quick Nd functional solution for some special situations. When want go without clamp-in I put the filter with tape directly to mask/clamp adapter but without Mattebox, so finally is equivalent to use the filter directly with tape to te lens, but with the option to change lens quick and don’t need put tape to the filter lens by lens. Like use clamp-on but with the size of a filter plus tape. 

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Yep, that's pretty much what the Misfit Atom is for, you can remove the hood to make it even lighter.


See the second image in the gallery.

Timothy Tan
on 4/24/19, 12:31 AM

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