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Gunnar Mortensen

--Gunnar Mortensen--
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Los Angeles, United States
--Gunnar Mortensen--

E Gunnar Mortensen saw 2 Panaflex cameras drive by on a process trailer for the filming of Ladybugs. Even at that young age he was hooked. Came up through the Camera Department in Denver before moving to LA. Considered to be a career Focus Puller he has worked to not only to improve his skills but also has taught workshops to build the camera community around the globe.

Gunnar Mortensen
On 2/20/19, 3:27 PM

Not that it adds to communication but the hot ticket item in Hollywood are walkie woogies. This is how you can personalize your earpiece to a variety of colors and patterns  https://dependableexpendables.com/products/walkie-woogie

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Gunnar, thank you so much. As of today,, me and my team will be wearing the pink ones.

And Vince, it will be with black in-ears and its the Motorola walkie we use here in Holland.

But, actually i prefer the headsets with an 'open' line. No pushing buttons. you can always talk.

Just make strickt rules about when to talk during a take. (or take it of)

on 2/26/19, 3:41 PM

Angelo Sartore
On 7/13/19, 5:53 AM

I use the open earpiece style for any 2 way radios the production offers. I have invested in my own wired earpiece system which has a series of adapters to connect to the 2 way radio with a mic & a clear acoustic tube, similar to the secret service types. I find I can wear the earpiece all day without any fatigue or pain. Works for me!Image result for open earpiece

.Angelo Sartore

.1st. AC



ooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food!

Arne van Wunnik
On 10/13/19, 3:47 PM

Don't know if it's full on topic, but I prefer to use the Radio chest harness from conterra (https://www.conterra-inc.com/collections/rescue-radio-carrier/products/tool-chest-radio-chest-harness) That way you don't have the walkie danglin on your belt when you have to run. There's also a little strap on the top right so you can pass your cable through it so it doesn't bother you.

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