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Daniel Foeldes
On 6/16/20, 7:28 AM

Hi Luke,

I can't say much for the Arri UDM, but I've owned a cinetape for the better part of 10 years. I always like to say that it is an interpretive value, as in you have to learn what it is telling you. It is not to be trusted blindly.

Under the right circumstances, clean line of sight with no obstructions, it works great. The level of accuracy in the 'drama' range of 3-20' is very good. Beyond 20' it really struggles.

Heavy foreground is obviously a problem, but that's very easy to spot. The boom can be tricky when it gets in line as you might get a reading that is only marginally off, so you have to evaluate whether the actor has in fact moved 6" or not. 

While I do own the horn extensions, I don't tend to use them very much. 

And lastly, obviously setup and proper calibration is key. I like to set them up low and centred over the lens, most of the time inverting the horns. Depending on shot requirements I often change sensitivity as well as close focus settings.

Hope that helps,


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On 6/21/20, 8:03 AM

Hi Daniel, 

I really appreciate your reply

thank you!

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