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On 7/29/19, 8:09 AM

Really nice tip:make me remind some old time on set,haha,only film crew understand deeply,very nice ,especially water when cough    

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Clemens Hönig

--Clemens Hönig--

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Vienna, Austria
--Clemens Hönig--

Hi, I am Clemens Hönig, marketing manager at cmotion. Even though I am not a focus puller myself, my strength is to adapt quickly, spotting problems and come up with solutions. I also like to connect people, as I think everybody can learn from anybody. If you just starting at your carrier, make your own path and if you are already experienced, become a mentor...

Clemens Hönig
On 4/5/19, 12:06 PM

Very nice read! Thanks for sharing!

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