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A focus-puller is the eyes of the audience. It's like telling a story without any words.

On 2/5/19, 8:16 PM

1. be like a cameleon: blend in but shine in the moment you're needed

2. keep your DP happy (bring him/her a coffee or beer) :)

3. be flexible and ready to adapt in any situation

4. stay calm and cool in the heat of the moment

5. be creative and inventive

6. be friends with the grips: helps you save your back :)

7. try to brush off a "out-of-focus" shot as soon as possible: move on and nail the next one!

8. read the script and try to create a unique way in storytelling with focus

9. show up on time, maybe even a little earlier: nothing worse than people waiting for you

10. stay positive: some sets are a real mind-twister, try to turn negative energy into positive

Happy shooting!

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Gunnar Mortensen

--Gunnar Mortensen--
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Los Angeles, United States
--Gunnar Mortensen--

E Gunnar Mortensen saw 2 Panaflex cameras drive by on a process trailer for the filming of Ladybugs. Even at that young age he was hooked. Came up through the Camera Department in Denver before moving to LA. Considered to be a career Focus Puller he has worked to not only to improve his skills but also has taught workshops to build the camera community around the globe.

Gunnar Mortensen
On 5/7/19, 3:33 PM

1. Don’t stand in doorways

2. Be flexible and positive

3. Don’t be afraid to pump the brakes if you need another take because it will cost more to come back to it

4. Make friends with Transpo, Catering, Accounting

5. Keep people from leaning on lens cases

6. Take the time you need to set up for success

7. You can be friendly with actors but they are not your friends

8. Production has the money and it is our job to get it. 

9. 15 min early is on time

10. Don’t look at your phone on set. 

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