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A focus-puller is the eyes of the audience. It's like telling a story without any words.

On 2/5/19, 8:25 PM

1. FatMax tape measure

2. Hilti PD-E lasermeter

3. extra set of Noga-arms, ULCS, 15 & 19mm rods, mounting solutions etc..

4. Staedler finepoint markers in 3 colors :)

5. hex-keys with a T-bar handle (makes tightening and loosening those screws so much faster!)

6. Kimwipes and Rosco cleaning fluid, small ball valve, brush, pair of scissors, ledlenser, headlamp...

7. back-focus chart/color-checker, I love to use the pocket chart from X-rite

8. various raincovers, small and larger ones

9. Nespresso capsules :)

10. a variety of neon colored cameratape and black permacel

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Kelly Lee Steen
On 4/15/19, 10:32 AM

And chocolates! you do not want to know how many colleagues I helped with a small piece of dark chocolate to get them to tough days. Even our dutch army carries it in their 24 hour ration. it gives energy, it can comfort and says I know it raining, its late, were still need to do the greater half of the day but I got you, will do this together. 

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Gunnar Mortensen

--Gunnar Mortensen--
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Los Angeles, United States
--Gunnar Mortensen--

E Gunnar Mortensen saw 2 Panaflex cameras drive by on a process trailer for the filming of Ladybugs. Even at that young age he was hooked. Came up through the Camera Department in Denver before moving to LA. Considered to be a career Focus Puller he has worked to not only to improve his skills but also has taught workshops to build the camera community around the globe.

Gunnar Mortensen
On 5/7/19, 3:23 PM

Vince already had a pretty good list but here are some of my favorites

1. Hilti pd42

2. Bright Tangerine Soft tape

3. knipex

4. Last resort big stubby screw driver

5. Klein electrician scissors

6. Wiha Magic tip Allen keys

7. Sharp knife like my microtech ubx70 ca

8. Toughgaf tape holder

9. Lynwrap as false bottom in your bag

10. Lots of espresso or as I call it movie juice

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